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Throughout history, the studio has represented an artist's safe space; a place where creativity can flow unabated. It's a place of inspiration. A source of comfort. And a chance to pull the most challenging concepts to the fore.

Whether that's a bedroom, an empty loft, or a pavement along the street; ultimately the studio has less to do with the location, and is infinitely more about the atmosphere.

Chapter I – ∞

psl - my mantra, from the Brasilian Português words:

Paixão (Passion)

Sempre (Always)

Liberdade (Freedom)

Passion (is) Always Freedom because passion is hope. Passion is the cornerstone of creation. It is to see the unseen, no matter what. You need to be able to trust that your project is in the hands of someone who believes in it, and can bring out its full potential.

studio psl is an in-house multidisciplinary, specializing in fashionportraiture, conceptual, and branding projects across both photography and film. At my core, I am an artist. While I pride myself on being able to observe the technical aspects of photography, what truly distinguishes my work is the artistry. And quite often, it is this level of artistry which requires a deviation from the technical.

Real art makes you feel real shit, because it stirs something within. Words, paint, melodies, and imagery; they all transcend time and space. And that is my ambition for your create a timeless work of art. Whatever it may be, the point of it all is to connect with people in a very real way.

For more information regarding services, or to enquire about collaborative projects; feel free to get in touch.

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